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Let us remember our heritage. Work with us to protect our wildlife and environment.

The Bergeron Everglades Museum and Wildlife Foundation is being established as a service to the people of Florida and its future generations.

The Foundation, through its museum of the everglades, zoological gardens and art center, will provide a glimpse of the culture, wildlife and history of an earlier life in Florida.

With your help and the help of many City, State and Federal agencies we can turn this dream into a reality. Together we can preserve our historical and cultural identity for future generations growing up amid the ethnic diversity of South Florida.

The history of the Everglades – a rich panoply of rugged “Cracker” farming pioneers, cattle ranchers, Indian nations, and artists, all interwoven in a background of a once abundant and colorful wildlife – must be preserved for future generations.

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The Bergeron Everglades Museum and Wildlife Foundation will be a non-profit, educational corporation with the mission to preserve the cultural and wildlife heritage bequeathed to us by the early pioneers of the State of Florida.

To accomplish the goals of the Bergeron Everglades Museum and Wildlife Foundation will require the donations and assistance of those government agencies, politicians, corporations, businessmen and countless citizens who agree with the aims outlined in the Foundation’s Mission. Ronald “Ronnie” M. Bergeron, with is team, will provide the basic planning and driving force to form a non-profit foundation and provide the basic structure of an organization that can establish milestones and funding goals. But, this will be only the beginning. Professionals from many disciplines will be invited to participate and contribute their appropriate skills and efforts in assisting in the implementation of the overall plan.

Ronnie, a successful land developer, has contributed to many community projects over the years and is prepared to spend a considerable amount of his time and resources to launch this project.

He firmly believes in the need to preserve our culture. In a recent article in which Ronnie was profiled, he was quoted as saying – “My heritage, my culture, my roots have never changed. I’m in my airboat every weekend. At the end of this story to realize that now, as always, fifty percent of my time is preserving the Everglades, it’s preserving our culture. My culture.”

The preservation of Everglades culture is more than on man’s dream.

The museum of the everglades will focus on the major components of the Everglades history and culture: The Cattle Ranchers, The Farmers, The Indians, The Early politicians, The Developers, The Artists, The Historians, and The Writers.

The Foundation will create a business and operational plan to encompass the following components:

Land Acquisition
It is planned to locate the physical facilities of the museum and zoological gardens in the west Broward County on the border of the Everglades. With the help of government environmental agencies, particularly, the South Florida Water Management Board, this can be accomplished at a reasonable land cost.

Once acquired, the property will be developed for the Foundation purposes and will meet all statutory requirements necessary to preserve the goals of a sensitive wetlands environment.

The Museum
The aim and purpose of the museum is to portray the story of the Everglades pioneer spirit and the culture within which it thrived. Is is the story of a spirit of a people who lived the land its wildlife.

The museum, throughout its art and artifacts of all kinds, will illustrate the courage and vision of the early Florida explorers, farmers, cattle ranchers, Indians, and politicians who eventually built a peaceful union in the beautiful wilderness.