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The Bergeron Everglades Museum and Wildlife Foundation is being established as a service to the people of Florida and its future generations.

The Foundation, through its museum, zoological gardens and art center, will provide a glimpse of the culture, wildlife and history of an earlier life in Florida.

With your help and the help of many City, State and Federal agencies we can turn this dream into a reality. Together we can preserve our historical and cultural identity for future generations growing up amid the ethnic diversity of South Florida.

The history of the Everglades – a rich panoply of rugged “Cracker” farming pioneers, cattle ranchers, Indian nations, and artists, all interwoven in a background of a once abundant and colorful wildlife – must be preserved for future generations.

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We invite you to join us on our mission to not only Restore the Everglades for generations to come, but to take steps to Save the Everglades TODAY.

We believe in sustainable access to the everglades so that generations to come will have the opportunity to fall in love with this amazing ‘lost world’.

Ron Bergeron

preserving the everglades

Founder of the Everglades History and Cultural Museum.

“…to preserve and showcase man’s love and respect for the Everglades environment.”


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